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About Us

Hedgehog Fibres is an Irish artisan yarn and fibre dyeing studio located in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Yarn dyeing started as a extension of Beata Jezek’s other hobbies - spinning, knitting and crochet. Beata says “Soon after I took up knitting, I realised I really wanted to create my own yarn line of soft, squishy yarns in beautiful colours. It's the colours I want to knit with, the colours I want to wear and the colours I can't live without.” Hedgehog Fibres colours reflect Beata’s personal style and range from dark, rich and earthy to crazy, fluorescent and vibrant depending on her moods - but always colours she loves! Originally from Slovakia, Beata has called Ireland her home for over a decade. In Slovakian, Jezek means hedgehog so in 2008, when knitting friends pushed her to sell them yarns, Hedgehog Fibres was founded. (No Hedgehogs are harmed in the making of our products!)

Take a look at our blog or just check us out on Ravelry, Facebook, Twitter or even in real life! Come see Beata in her office, as pictured below :)

You can find us at our dyeing studio in Little Island, Co. Cork Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. We sell high-end hand dyed yarn to customers and yarn stores on almost every continent in the world.

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Hedgehog Fibres is an Irish hand dyed yarn and fibre studio located in Cork, Ireland
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